• Business (IT) Consultancy

Business (IT) Consultancy

Organizations are constantly dealing with change. Whether they tap into new markets, adapt their business to changed circumstances, restructure or respond to new regulations or risks.
In addition, companies are getting more and more data at their disposal that can be used as a means of steering decisions.

IT is increasingly taking on a strategic role. The trick is to deploy the right people, processes and technologies in the right place.

From the Transform Data International organization, René is active as a consultant on the intersection of business and IT. René focuses on advising companies on how to best use information technology (IT) to achieve their business goals. This business (IT) consulting includes both consultancy and implementation services, but does not focus on transactional IT activities.

René can assist you with the following challenges:

  • Supporting management defining a strategy and innovation approach;
  • Translating (IT) strategy into a workable approach and solutions
  • Guiding the selection of software solutions and/or cloud services;
  • Adapting your IT to your business operations and business processes;
  • Coaching IT directors/managers in more "business-oriented thinking";
  • Supervising business/IT projects and managing project portfolio;
  • Get difficult and/or failed (IT) projects back on track;
  • Setting up an optimal sourcing model for your (IT) organization.

Also visit the Transform Data International website for more information.