• CV René Beulen

CV René Beulen

As an experienced entrepreneur, René Beulen is uniquely positioned to help entrepreneurs realize their aspirations. Over the past 20 years, René has founded several start-up organizations and guided them to international success.

He has a business background and a deep understanding of the information technology industry and has experience at large and small businesses in Europe and the United States as a shareholder, director and owner as well as an employee. René has an extensive network of business contacts within international and publicly traded organizations.

Most recently, René has introduced emerging technology into new markets throughout Europe. He has helped to develop and market new product and service offerings within Europe and Scandinavia for: KPN, Morningstar Systems, Open Text, HP Autonomy, BigHand, Workshare, Mimecast, LexisNexis, InterSystems, Global Graphics, ShareOne, I.R.I.S., HighQ, SmashDocs, Transform Data International etc..

René has experience in buying and selling organizations, as well as integrating acquired companies and restructuring existing businesses. René’s strenght can be seen in the growth of organizations he has worked for. This growth is the result of developing and executing smart business development strategies together with the organization and business processes necessary to make these strategies come to life.

Those who know René describe him as creative, street smart, humorous, reliable, straightforward, energetic and loyal team player.

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