• Business Development

Business Development

Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships.

Uncertainty in the economic climate, a rapid pace of change, new opportunities arising quickly, competitive threats emerging from every corner – these are some of the challenges facing businesses today. While some may see this as a time to ride out the storm, we see it as a time to seize new opportunities and improve the competitive position.

Often, organizations are not well prepared when opportunities arise. As a result, they miss the chance to gain market share, move into new areas of business or improve operationally.

ReneBeulen.com brings experience, vision and capability to our customers so that they can seize new opportunities. We enable our customers to realize the value of new products and services, increased visibility in the market and improved operations.

Unlike typical consulting firms, after we help our customers develop the plan for new opportunities we participate in execute those plans too. Not just words – but words followed by action!

ReneBeulen.com can help you:

  • Launch and implement a new company (including all legal, financial and human aspects);
  • Brainstorming with management on strategy and innovation;
  • Prepare a business plan for an innovative product or service offering;
  • Help fund a new service or product offering;
  • Provide interim management for transition situations and commercial roles;
  • Formulate and put in place a marketing and sales strategy;
  • Improve new business development;
  • Create exceptional management and sales teams;
  • Manage change in mergers and reorganizations.
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