• Innovation & Participation

Innovation & Participation

ReneBeulen.com is part of a network of trusted individuals and companies with expertise in a wide variety of disciplines.

Objective of ReneBeulen.com is:
"To start and participe in organizations that offer innovative technology in order to enable new business models, operational excellence and quality improvements."

The participations of ReneBeulen.com are characterized by a strong customer focus and a corporate culture in which personal development is key. A home for (technical) professionals and leaders. Top players that push the envelope of innovation, deliver the right solution and address business challenges or uncover new business opportunities. People that are open-minded professionals with a drive to succeed and who treat their customers as partners.

ReneBeulen.com's business standards and values are influenced by the "Rhineland model". This is reflected in the way of working. Continuity, quality, respect, fun and healthy life balance are key.